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Electoral Politics in Thailand

Electoral politics in Thailand has been a major theme of my work since a PhD thesis which later became my first book, Chamlong Srimuang and the New Thai Politics (Hurst 1997). I have published on elections, political parties, constitution-drafting exercises, and attempts to reform the political system, including a landmark edited volume on the 1997 constitutional changes, Reforming Thai Politics (NIAS Press, 2002). I've also discussed questions of democracy in a number of articles.

A complete list of my publications on Thailand's electoral politics is available here 


On the 1995 general election, see here

On the 2001 general election, see my chapter here, pages 247-259

On the 2007 general election, see here (pages 345-48)

On the abortive 2014 general election, see here

For my large collaborative USIP project on Thailand's 2019 elections, see here.


On the 1997 constitution, see here and here

On the 2007 constitution, see here, pages 336-39

On the 2015 draft constitution (which was never adopted), see here

On the 2016 constitutional referendum, see here