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Best Articles?

Some of my own favourites have attracted little attention, but they exemplify the kind of fieldwork and engagement with Thai-language sources that I really love.

Most Cited

Duncan McCargo, ‘Network Monarchy and Legitimacy Crises in Thailand’, The Pacific Review, 18, 4, 2005: 499–519.

William A. Callahan and Duncan McCargo, ‘Vote-Buying in Thailand’s Northeast: the July 1995 general election’, Asian Survey, 36, 4, 1996: 376–93.

Naruemon Thabchumpon and Duncan McCargo, ‘Urbanized Villagers in the 2010 Thai Redshirt Protests: not just poor farmers?’ Asian Survey, 51, 6, 2011: 993–1018.

Duncan McCargo, ‘Thaksin and the Resurgence of Violence in the Thai South: network monarchy strikes back?’ Critical Asian Studies, 38, 1, 2006: 39–71.

Duncan McCargo and Krisadawan Hongladarom, ‘Contesting Isan-ness: discourses of politics and identity in Northeast Thailand’, Asian Ethnicity, 5, 2, 2004: 219–34.


Personal Favourites

Duncan McCargo, ‘Peopling Thailand’s 2015 Draft Constitution’, Contemporary Southeast Asia, 37, 3, 2015: 329–54.

Duncan McCargo and Peeradej Tanruangporn, ‘Branding Dissent: Nitirat, Thailand’s enlightened jurists’, Journal of Contemporary Asia, 45, 3, 2015: 419–42.

Duncan McCargo, ‘Co-optation and Resistance in Thailand’s Muslim South: The changing role of Islamic Council elections’, Government and Opposition, 45, 1, 2010: 99–113.

Duncan McCargo, ‘Thai Politics as Reality TV’, Journal of Asian Studies, 68, 1, February 2009: 7–19.

Duncan McCargo, ‘The Politics of Buddhist Identity in Thailand’s Deep South: the demise of civic religion?’ Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 40, 1, February 2009: 11–32.