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USIP Project Publications


2019 Election

Petra Desatova and Saowanee T. Alexander, 'Election Commissions and Non-Democratic Outcomes: Thailand's contentious 2019 election', Politics, 2021.

Duncan McCargo and Anyarat Chattharakul, Future Forward: The Rise and Fall of a Thai Political Party, Copenhagen: NIAS Press 2020.

Duncan McCargo, 'Patani Politics: Faces of the 2019 Election Campaign', Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia, 38, August 2020 (Thai version, การเมืองปาตานี: หลายโฉมหน้าในการเลือกตั้ง 2562, Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia, 38, August 2020).

Duncan McCargo, ‘Democratic Demolition in Thailand', Journal of Democracy, 30, 4, October 2019: 119–133.

Duncan McCargo and Saowanee T. Alexander, ‘Thailand’s 2019 Elections: A State of Democratic Dictatorship', Asia Policy, 14, 4, October 2019: 89–106.

Duncan McCargo guest-edited a roundtable called ‘Thailand’s Amazing 24 March 2019 Elections’, for Contemporary Southeast Asia, 41, no. 2, 2019. Altogether nine scholars contributed to this roundtable, including the following articles by USIP team members:

Saowanee T. Alexander, ‘Isan: Double Trouble', Contemporary Southeast Asia 41, no.2 (August 2019): 183–189.

Petra Desatova, ‘Bangkok: Two Cities', Contemporary Southeast Asia 41, no.2 (August 2019): 176–82.

Duncan McCargo, ‘Anatomy: Future Backward', Contemporary Southeast Asia 41, no.2 (August 2019): 153–62.

2016 Referendum

Duncan McCargo, Saowanee T. Alexander and Petra Desatova, ‘Ordering Peace: Thailand's 2016 Constitutional Referendum', Contemporary Southeast Asia 39, no.1 (April 2017): 659–75.

2015 Draft Constitution

Duncan McCargo, 'Peopling Thailand's Draft 2015 Constitution', Contemporary Southeast Asia, 37, 3, 2015: 329–54.

2014 Election

Duncan McCargo and Petra Desatova, ‘Thailand: Electoral Intimidation’, in Jonas Claes (ed.), Electing Peace: Violence Prevention and Impact at the Polls, Washington DC: United States Institute of Peace Press, 2016, pp. 63–96.