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Thai Politics resources collects together details of relevant publications and research about Thai politics.

We host an extensive list of articles and publications by Professor Duncan McCargo, the centre’s coordinator and primary scholar.

Professor McCargo is well known for his work on the ongoing political conflict in Southern Thailand. However, he also writes extensively on contemporary Thai politics and governance, as well as other South East Asian countries.

Another of our major resources is the Thai politics electronic bibliography, a searchable database for sources on Thai politics.

Latest book

Duncan McCargo, Tearing Apart The Land: Islam and legitimacy in Southern Thailand [].


Time Magazine review of ‘Tearing Apart the Land’ by Duncan McCargo

Foreign Affairs review of ‘Tearing Apart the Land’ by Duncan McCargo

Latest article

Duncan McCargo, ‘Co-optation and resistance in Thailand’s Muslim South: The changing role of Islamic Council elections’, Government and Opposition, 45, 1, 2010, pp. 99–113. [PDF: 119KB]



Contemporary Political Issues

The Deep South

South East Asian Publications

Review Articles

Bibliography: Thai Politics Bibliography

Download Thai Politics Bibliography (PDF version, 2.1MB)

Compiled and annotated by Michael H. Nelson
Center for the Study of Thai Politics and Democracy King Prajadhipok Institute Nonthaburi, Thailand

December 2002 (fifth version);

This bibliography is a ‘mirror’ of the bibliography on the KPI site, and is reproduced in co-operation with them.


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